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Carpet Cleaning Jersey

Our highly trained cleaning specialists are qualified in both carpet assessment and maintenance. A full carpet inspection will be carried out to determine the particular fibres of your carpet, so the right cleaning solution can be chosen by our team. Different carpets have different properties that make them up, and so it is vitally important that the right cleaning product is used.

At Many Hands, we only use the highest quality carpet cleaning goods and equipment. This is to ensure your carpet is the cleanest it can be, and it only takes up to 2 hours to dry. People are often mistaken in thinking their carpet is worn out and can no longer be used. This is often not the case, and we can restore your carpets to mint condition. As with all fabrics, carpets collect dust and can possess an odour over time. Our services can clean your carpets to industry-leading level and remove any odours that may be present.

Window Cleaning Jersey!

We also offer a proficient window cleaning service and cater for both domestic and residential properties across Jersey and the surrounding area. As with all our cleaning jobs, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service, we use the latest window cleaning equipment to ensure your windows remain shiny and streak free. Our cleaning liquids are also free from unfriendly chemicals and are capable of taking on any size job.

Fully insured and trained, our team ensures maximum safety and precaution is taken when operating above ground level. We are at the forefront of window cleaning in Jersey and are proud to have over 20 years cleaning experience in and around the Jersey area.

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